Urbana High School Science Teacher Elizabeth McCook said she wanted to do something that would help the environment.

“We decided in our environmental science class that we wanted to do some curricular activities that made a difference and it was out and about that Frederick County was looking for alternatives to our waste management because they decided not to go forward with the incinerator,” said McCook.

That’s where the idea of composting here at Urbana High School came in ….

Urban High School Senior, Julien Mouton appreciated the importance of having a composting initiative.

“I think it’s important that we compost because that way stuff won’t build up and decompose. In the compost it goes right back to earth,” said Mouton.

FCPS officials said Urbana High is the first school to do this in Frederick County, Md. and they are always looking for ways to reduce waste county wide.

“We need to do something with our trash that is trucked up to Pennsylvania,” said McCook.