FREDERICK, Md. (DC News Now) — Rising college costs are forcing more people to drop out.

According to a recent survey released by, about 1 in 4 students will withdraw due to a hike in tuition.

Some students at Frederick Community College say it’s something they’re considering.

“I thought about it that if I couldn’t get the help I would have to drop out,” said freshman Makayla Lawson.

Others say FCC has been a safer financial option for them.

“It has kind of affected me because my freshman year I went to a school up in Towson University. It was a little bit too pricey for me, so that’s why I left that school and I’m taking classes FCC now. I think FCC is going to be a smarter way to save money for me. It’s going to be better in the long run,” said sophomore, Axel Seka.

Dr. Nora Clark, Vice President of student affairs says one semester for in-state, full-time students costs about $4,500 and that number isn’t likely to change.

“We have not raised our tuition or fees at all. We don’t intend to at this time, and the Board of Trustees made an intentional decision about that understanding the challenges that everyone in the community is facing, in terms of inflation,” said Dr. Clark.

She says unlike other institutions community colleges are known for their affordability, and accommodating students who need to work while taking classes.

“Don’t rule it out because that’s one of the great things about community colleges is that it’s flexible,” said Dr. Clark.

The FCC Foundation offers hundreds of scholarships to students each year. Students can still apply for fall semester scholarships up until August 15th.