FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — Real estate agent Dinh Pham is truly living the American dream.

Less than ten years after starting his real estate career, he is one of Zillow’s Premier Agents — and he’s paving the way for his younger staff. Pham’s focus is on creating a diverse team with core values rooted in diversity, inclusion, and giving back to the local community.

“The DMV is a very diverse and multicultural area,” said Dinh Pham, founder of The Good Life Team. “We thought that our team should reflect it and be reminiscent of the community we serve.”

Pham’s company — which consists of roughly 15 agents — is focused on diversity at its core. The company was founded in 2013 after Pham left a career as a systems engineer.

“I am Vietnamese-American. I would consider myself a generation 1.5,” said Pham. “When my parents escaped Vietnam, I was actually born in a refugee camp on the way to this country.”

Pham is embracing that heritage, creating a team of multilingual agents of all races and backgrounds.

“We really are like one big family, regardless of race, color, religion,” said Pham. “We all jive really well, and we all hang out after hours.”

The welcoming family environment in The Good Life Team’s Fairfax-based office helps make it a bit easier for newer agents to follow in Pham’s footsteps.

“Everybody really encourages each other to do well,” said Esther Shim, buyers agent. “It’s not competition, like, ‘Oh, I have to beat you’…It’s just, ‘How can we push each other to be better?'”

Pham encourages his team to be better by serving others. The agents work with charities like Northern Virginia Family Services — and they plan of donating the commission of their 100th closing this year to the organization.

“It’s not just trying to produce and always get the best sale that everyone’s always talking about. It’s also about trying to give back,” said Andres Cifuentes, lead buyers agent. “We’re trying to take some time to give back to those people that are helping us, as well.”

Pham makes it easy for his agents to give back. The company offers an internal program called “TGLT Cares,” which encourages agents to spend time making a difference in the community.

“If they volunteer for at least 24 hours a year, then we would donate on their behalf to a charity of their choice,” said Pham.

The team says Pham is breaking barriers as an Asian-American in the real estate industry — and they hope others follow in his footsteps.

“We are encouraging others to be a part of our ‘movement,’ so to speak, so that race doesn’t have to be something that doesn’t keep us from connecting with others,” said Shim.