WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Sherrie Brown, owner of Savvy Scents by Sherrie, joined our morning team Thursday to talk about how she started her business.

Brown, who works in corporate consulting, said “One day I woke up and I realized my creative side had died.”

Brown said that is when she took her dad’s love for scents and started a business making candles, home scents, and body scents.  She added, “it was because he was the type of person if you were walking somewhere would say, ‘Close your eyes. Smell that.’”

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, Brown told DC News Now that people interested in opening their own business should expect to face challenges on all fronts. Brown said the most important thing to remember is to “stay true to your brand.”

For more about Savvy Scents by Sherrie, you can visit her website and follow Sherrie on Instagram at savvyscentsbysherrie.