FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — As gas prices continue to rise people are looking for a little bit of relief, luckily the Maryland legislature is working to implement a gas tax suspension. On Thursday, lawmakers approved legislation that would suspend the state’s gas taxes for 30 days.

This legislation would cut 36 cents a gallon. This means that Maryland drivers like John Karl could possibly save $4.32 at each fill-up.

“I’m definitely for it, I think it’s a good amount I think was last I saw was 36 cents a gallon off. I think that would be a good price to have it around $3.63 to $3.65 — somewhere in that range — would be a good price,” Karl said.

Most of the people I talked to say they are all for it but do worry about the suspension needing to be extended if prices don’t start to decrease

“It’s something to see, if it helps a lot of people in their life, okay. But if not, they might have to change their ways,” resident Sara Lopez said.

Governor Hogan is expected to sign the bill that would take effect immediately.

In other states, Virginia’s Governor Glenn Youngkin has proposed a three-month gas tax suspension. In West Virginia, Governor Jim Justice says he would like to suspend the tax but says it up to their legislature.

Although there is no word about if the suspension will last past the 30-day mark, lawmakers are hoping to extend it to as long as gas prices remain high.