GREATER DMV REGION (WDVM) — An interest in electric vehicles has surged since the rise in gas prices, especially in the DMV region.

The costs at the pump have many considering trading in their keys for an alternative fuel vehicle. One of those people is Virginia resident, Javier Gil.

Gil says he’s had his eye on an electric vehicle for some time, but after the recent gas hike, he says he plans to finally purchase on this summer.

“I have been planning about it for years, and now that there’s more technology and they’re putting charging posts in my neighborhood, I want to switch to that,” said Gil.

It’s an idea many drivers in across the nation are considering, but residents in Maryland and Virginia rank in the top states for the most web searches for electric vehicles.

“Search interest in electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles is up more than 300% in just the last month,” said Nick VinZant, senior research analyst for QuoteWizard.

VinZant says this isn’t a new trend. He says that every time gas prices spike, so does electric vehicle interest. This time around, VinZant says residents may actually follow through on their promise to purchase vehicles, due to more charging stations popping up across the country.

“What’s different this time around is that now, it’s much more of a reality,” said VinZant. “Now, that infrastructure is really there.”

QuoteWizard shared the top ten states where drivers searched for alternative fuel vehicles the most…. Virginia ranked number 8, with Maryland following right behind. VinZant says the top ten states all have two factors in common.

“They have higher than average gas prices and they have long commutes,” he said. “California, Arizona, Virginia, Maryland…Higher than average gas prices and long commutes, and suddenly, those electric cars start to look really attractive.”

However, VinZant says drivers should consider other costs, such as insurance — which is roughly 25 percent higher for electric cars.