(DC News Now) — With the Fourth of July approaching, Sheetz announced that some of its gas will be dropping below $4.00 to celebrate the holiday and ease some pain at the pumps.

A release from Sheetz said that the price of Unleaded 88 will be dropping to $3.99 a gallon, and E85 will be dropping to $3.49 a gallon. This deal is limited time and will last “through the July 4th holiday travel season.”

The release said that Unleaded 88 can be used in cars model years 2001 or newer and light-duty trucks, SUVs and Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs). Sheetz warned that the cheaper E85 is higher in ethanol content and not compatible with all vehicles — only FFVs.

If you’re confused, your owner’s manual should say whether or not your car can use E85.

Take a look at their website to find a Sheetz near you.