WASHINGTON, DC (DC News Now) — As more consumers spend time online, junk mail continues to fill mailboxes, and according to a study, the unsolicited mail is more than a household headache but also an environmental shaker.

One hundred million trees worth of junk mail show up in U.S. mailboxes annually, according to Harvard University, yet services online and on the phone can stop junk mail from arriving.

All-too-familiar junk mail, including credit card and loan consolidation offers and insurance plans, have long dogged American households.

So, how to cut back on the junk mail? The Federal Trade Commission, and Harvard published several ways to find relief:

  • Visit optoutprescreen.com to stop credit card and insurance offers.
  • Paid services can help scrub promotional outlets that have consumers’ personal information, including DMAChoice.org has a $4 online processing fee — $5 for mailed registration — and registration lasts 10 years.
  • Consumers can consider Catalog Choice, which is supposed to offer free and a premium option for $20.
  • Publishers Clearing House can remove consumers’ information from sweepstakes.