(NEXSTAR) – Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans is claiming he was harassed and bullied by a United Airlines gate agent over an issue with his carry-on baggage.

Wayans, 50, shared his side of the incident on social media, claiming he was preparing to board a flight leaving from Denver International Airport on Friday when he was asked by a United gate agent to “consolidate” his bags. He alleged, however, that once he complied, the agent told him his baggage was too big and needed to be checked.

Wayans said he felt the agent was “clearly picking” on him and boarded the flight with his bags anyway, he admitted. He also indicated that the gate agent ultimately prevented him from making the flight, but did not specifically say whether he was physically removed from the plane.

“Dude tried to lie and say I assaulted him,” Wayans wrote on Instagram, alleging there was video footage to prove that he “never touched” the employee. (Wayans did not share any footage from the incident.)

The “Air” actor later alleged that another passenger, who was white, was allowed to board with three carry-on bags despite United’s policy, which allows only one carry-on and one personal item for most flights.

“This was harassment and I will make enough noise to be sure all my friends and family and peoples stop flying @united,” wrote Wayans. “Black people all kinds of racism and classism. I won’t allow this.”

Wayans added that felt he was owed an apology, as were the audiences at his scheduled performances in Kansas City, believing he wouldn’t be able to appear after missing his flight. He also indicated he may take legal action in the future.

Marlon Wayans, seen here in 2021, said he ended up flying with American Airlines to his destination. (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

In response to an inquiry concerning Wayans’ allegations, a representative for United shared a statement with Nexstar claiming that a male passenger in Denver “pushed past a United employee at the jetbridge and attempted to board the aircraft” after being told to gate-check his bag.

“The customer won’t be flying on United to his destination,” the statement concluded.

Wayans, in response to a TMZ article, also said he was issued a citation for disturbing the peace by the Denver police, though he claimed the officers “were cool.” A representative for the Denver Police Department confirmed Wayans was indeed cited for disturbing the peace and subsequently released.

Wayans ultimately flew with American Airlines to his destination, he said.

It was unclear if Wayans was able to make his Kansas City performances, although a video he shared to Instagram (in which he encouraged the crowd to chant “F— United!”) appeared to indicate he arrived in time for at least one of the scheduled shows.