CAMERON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A man accused of shooting and killing a doe and fawn on his property reportedly claimed he was protecting his garden because he can’t afford to buy food in ‘Joe Biden’s America.’

A Pennsylvania Game Commission Warden was called Aug. 30 about complaints against 47-year-old Paul Yockey, of Driftwood. It was reported that neighbors heard gunshots very early in the morning and yelling that sounded like Yockey. Multiple neighbors said they saw the deer on his property and it’s not the first incident like this.

One witness claimed to the game warden that Yockey bragged about killing a rabbit a few years back, saying he almost killed a second one but it ran behind their shed, the game warden added in the affidavit.

While investigating the doe and fawn, Yockey reportedly claimed he saw the deer in his garden and shot a single 12-gauge shot into the air to scare them away. According to the complaint, he said the next time he’d use a shot that they’d get to the other side of the mountain before they “drop dead,” saying he has numerous guns in his home for hunting.

According to the complaint, Yockey told members of the game commission that he was just trying to protect his garden from the animals. In a written statement, Yockey claimed he was on a “fixed income and couldn’t afford to buy food in Joe Biden’s America.”

While investigating, the game commission said the two deer were killed by shots meant for small animals and were illegal to use on large game such as deer. According to the criminal complaint, it was discovered that Yockey had a criminal charge from 2006 that prevents him from being allowed to own any firearms.

When searching his home, the game warden and state police reportedly found almost 2 pounds of marijuana packaged in a way that’s consistent with selling and distributing.

Yockey now faces 11 charges of possession of a firearm by someone prohibited as well as a felony possession with intent to deliver drug charge and an illegal killing charge.

He was placed in Cameron County Prison on $5,000 bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 13.