PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WTAJ) — A former deputy sheriff was arrested for illegally selling firearms that were traced back to a deadly school shooting, officials announced.

Samir Ahmad, 29, was taken into custody after allegedly selling two guns to a confidential informant that told Ahmad he was a non-us citizen and could be deported if found with a firearm, according to a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Agents said that the two semi-automatic pistols were traced back to a shooting after a school football scrimmage that killed a 14-year-old and wounded four others, according to USA Today.

The FBI and ATF didn’t say whether Ahmad was involved in the shooting, nor how he got the guns afterward.

When the informant bought the two semi-automatic pistols and expressed concern about being deported over having the firearms, Ahmed allegedly told him “you don’t got to worry about none of that.”

Ahmad was hired as a Philadelphia deputy sheriff in Feb. 2018. On Oct. 19, Ahmad was terminated from employment with the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office and arrested by federal agents.

“As alleged, Samir Ahmad abused his authority – to the greatest extent possible – as a sworn law enforcement officer,” said U.S. Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania Jacqueline C. Romero. 

If convicted, Ahmad faces a maximum possible sentence of 15 years.