WASHINGTON (WDVM) — A peaceful dog walk outside Washington, D.C.’s Glover Archbold Park turned dangerous in a matter of minutes.

“I ran up there and she had her head stuck in the bottom hole of a tree,” said dog owner Izzy Verdery.

Dog owner’s Jenny and Izzy Verdery were walking their family dog Hazel Grace when she went missing, and found her moments later with her head stuck in a tree.

“I mean I must’ve sounded like a crazy lady but they grabbed their saw and ran straight into the woods with me,” said Jenny.

Izzy’s mother Jenny ran into the road to flag down help, and help came right away from all American Heating and Air Employees Scott and Shawn.

“She just jumped in front of the car and she was making no sense, all we could tell was that she was freaking out,” said employee Shawn Kopper. “That dog’s head wasn’t just a little stuck, it was so sad and we were determined to not leave until that dog was out.”

What could’ve been disastrous was quickly turned around when Hazel Grace was freed. Even in a pandemic, strangers are willing to help any chance they get.

“I just want to let them know that their good deed will never be forgotten,” said Jenny.

“I believe in fate and we weren’t supposed to be there at that time, we almost drove away but when I heard the dog was in danger. I jumped out as fast as I could,” said Kopper.

Watch the full rescue footage, courtesy of the Verdery’s: