Who knew Apple products had such… resiliency? 

A Taiwanese man was surprised to learn one of the Apple AirPods he accidentally swallowed still worked, even after he had to pass the device through his system, and salvage it from the toilet. 

Ben Hsu reportedly fell asleep with the Airpods in his ears and woke up realizing his right Airpod was missing. 

Using the tracking feature on the device to locate it, he heard a beeping sound coming from his stomach, the publication reports. 

Hsu then went to the hospital where an x-ray confirmed the missing AirPod was located in his stomach. 

The doctor gave Hsu some laxatives and two days later, he passed the AirPod through his digestive system and was reunited with the missing earpiece! 

He even filmed a video of himself, digging through his own waste, to show you that it all really did happen. 

Hsu told local media he washed the AirPod and it functioned properly. 

“‘The battery was still at 41 percent! It was incredible,’ he told The Daily Mail. 

If Hsu had not successfully passed the AirPod through his system, plan B would have been surgery. 

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