Truman Charities is a group of people that basically just have a premise of bringing good people together and making great things happen,” said Jerry Truman, Co-Founder of Truman Charities.
The team of volunteers has raised more than $650,000 for charity over the last seven years through hosting a couple of parties annually.
Most recently, Truman Charities raised $20,000 for KIND, or Kids in Need Distributors.
“The $20,000 will feed so many kids for the next six weeks,” said Jeremy Lichtenstein, Founder of KIND. “We rely on that type of help in the community, and [the Trumans] have just been the best.”
Nearly 50,000 kids in Montgomery County are part of the Free and Reduced Meal Program. (FARM)
The KIND movement helps continue those provided meals to underprivileged kids on the weekend.
“It helps me realize that I’m very privileged with what I have,” said Zack Truman, volunteer with Truman Charities.
Founders Jerry Truman and Wendy Caputo hope to continue expanding their work for decades to come.
“I definitely want to try and do my best to keep this going and help out with many other different charities,” said Zack Truman.
“It’s had a profound impact on us, our kids and on all of our friends,” said Jerry Truman.
So far, Truman Charities has hosted more than 40 events.
All of the money raised at the parties is donated.