GLEN ECHO, Md. (WDVM) — Journey Space, a healing arts center in Glen Echo, hosted a personal growth workshop for women who have experienced trauma while in the military.

“Its a day of community, day of support and a day of breathwork. This event is called empowerment through breath so we’re reminding them empowerment is how they let their power out and we’re teaching them resources to use their breath their very own tool to get them through challenging and difficult times,” said Erin Bishop breathwork practitioner.

This 8-hour workshop included breathwork sessions, embodiment practices, emotional support techniques and more. Bishop says this is a self-healing experience.

“Its a way to help them embrace the embodiment of the trauma they experienced and to learn about breath resources and how to use these skills and tools to be able to sit quietly and cope with what has happened or what will eventually happen in their lives to come, said Bishop.

Formal federal agent Ashira Lavine wrote the grant for this program to heal, empower and support women who have dealt with trauma.

” I hope these women take away tools that support them in their emotional resiliency and come out feeling strong, empowered, safe, and comfortable in their body, ” said Lavine.

Marine Corps veteran, Christina Wheeler says events like this provide a sense of community and has helped her process her own trauma.

“Events like this really take it to the next level in having that sense of community and supportiveness and having that alternative approach to PTSD or anxiety and depression or things that military members might experience like me,” said Wheeler.

Participants are encouraged to take home the support techniques, tools, and resources they have learned in this workshop for ongoing support.

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