WHAG News employees are going to be spending their Friday giving back to the Washington County community.

WHAG News has always tried to serve its community and its parent company, Nexstar Broadcasting, has the same mission.

Twenty years ago on June 17, Nexstar was founded by Perry Sook with just one TV station.

The company has now grown to have over 100 TV stations in over 60 markets.

“I wanted to celebrate that growth and our 20th anniversary on June the 17 by giving back to the communities that have helped build this company,” Sook said.

On Friday, WHAG News and Nexstar stations across the country will be teaming up with their local charities and nonprofit organizations to participate in a volunteer outreach program.

This program is called, Founder’s Day of Caring.

“Our CEO had a vision to do something and give back to the communities we do business with to celebrate the 20th anniversary,” Hugh Breslin, WHAG News’ General Manager said. “So, he asked each market to form a committee of their employees.”

The committee joined forces with Habitat for Humanity and found places that it would be most beneficial to volunteer.

Here in Hagerstown, volunteers will be working on several homes, including three places on Jefferson Street and one on Bryan Place.

Volunteers will be doing small tasks like replacing light bulbs, to big tasks like painting houses and landscaping.

No matter the size of the task, these changes will help make these properties turn from houses to homes.

This volunteer work means a lot to the families that are moving in.

One of the houses on Jefferson Street is already inhabited by a family.

All of the other properties included in Friday’s volunteer work have owners waiting to move in.

“This provides stability for families,” Habitat for Humanity’s Program Director said. “Children stay in the same school district, they get adjusted – much more well adjusted being secure in one location – and they take pride in it.”

WHAG News’ participation in the program will allow the families to move in by the end of the summer.