For almost 60 years, Grafton Integrated Health Network has been helping children, teens and adults with disabilities.

Grafton’s Winchester staff has taken care a step further to insure their adult clients live life without limits. 

Over 50 adults living in Winchester who have complex intellectual and developmental disabilities call Grafton Health Network, home, and view its staff and each other as family.  

“When a client ages out of school at the age of 22, they lose all of their services, all of a sudden they have no more speech therapy, they have no more OT. They have no more school, they really have no where to go,” said Jessica Judd with the Grafton Integrated Health Network.

Jessica Judd has been working for Grafton for over 20 years. She and adult services director Bethany Dietz are dedicated to changing the stereotype and view of adults with disabilities
and adult services. 

“They’ll go on beach trips they’ll go to the mountains. Its really an exciting life that we’re able to provide our clients, but a big part of that is the community integration,” said Bethany Deitz with the Grafton Integrated Health Network.

That community integration is done through Grafton’s Adapt Program, which allows adult clients to socialize, work, and volunteer at businesses and organizations in Winchester.

Clients go shopping, go to parks and give back by volunteering at places like the Boys and Girls club and C-CCAP. With supervision and support, the clients are successful at integrating and engaging with people in their community. 

“It’s moments like that that you’re just so fulfilled in what you do, and what we do is just so meaningful and it makes a big difference in a lot of lives,” said Deitz.

Jessica Judd is responsible for setting up the community engagement activities each day and said they are based on the clients abilities and interest.

She says once given an opportunity, their clients thrive, some have even gained employment. 

“They’re a part of the community and they have something to contribute and once you figure out what that is, then you have it made!” said Judd.

Judd and Deitz say the Adapt Program has been successful because Grafton staff realize that their clients abilities go far beyond any disability they may have. 

“They deserve a life like ours. They deserve to get up in the morning and do everything that they can possibly do just like we would to their full potential,” said Judd.

Grafton is one of only four North American providers recognized by the International Initiative Mental Health Leadership as exemplifying best practices in treatment of individuals with complex disabilities.