Lara Gosbee, 34, of Rocky Ridge plead guilty to eight counts of animal cruelty at the Frederick County, Maryland Courthouse.

“This is a very serious case of maltreatment and malnourishment. And her neglect of these horses was just severe,” Frederick County State’s Attorney, Charlie Smith explained .

In April, 12 horses were found suffering from severe malnourishment at Gosbee’s property along the 14000 block of Old Frederick Road.

“The horses that were found were underweight, some were emaciated. We felt that they weren’t being cared for properly, that they needed immediate supportive care,” Frederick County Animal Control officer, Sgt. David Luckenbaugh, explained

Gosbee was granted two years’ probation before judgment, and ordered to pay more than $1,200 in restitution to the Buckeystown Veterinary Hospital for medical care of the horses.

The horses are now at the Days End Farm Horse Rescue.

“[The horses] underwent four months of intensive care and therapy. But we were successful in rehabilitating and bring back full health to 11 of the 12 that we were charged with,” explained DeEtte Hillman, equine programs director for Days End Farm Horse Rescue.

Officials say Gosbee does continue to own a therapy animal, but will be subject to random check-ins from the county division of animal control. 

“We hope not to see any violations. Whether it be something as simple as a rabies vaccination or county licensing or something more severe that would lead to further investigation of neglect,” ​​ Luckenbaugh said.

In the future, Gosbee may be eligible to clear the charges from her record, a condition the state’s attorney is not pleased with.

“We believe that’s something that should remain on the defendant’s record. She should not have the ability to have it removed from her record or wiped from her record. That’s something that should be on her record for the rest of her life,” Smith said.

The attorney for Lara Gosbee declined to comment.