There are many who lend their helping hands to those facing rough times in life. One Gaithersburg woman is being recognized for wearing many hats to help serve the community.

There are many of those who lend out a helping hand in their community but this woman, Janet Neumann, has been a long-time volunteer for over 30 years.

“There are always people who are a little less fortunate than I am and it’s wonderful that I could lend out a hand in any small way,” said Janet Neumann, Gaithersburg HELP.

The organization – Gaithersburg HELP has grown over the past 50 years, with nearly 200 volunteers but Neumann says they could always use more.

 “In early years I think we served four to six families in a week, now we serve 20 families a night – 5 days a week,” said Neumann.

Many officials gathered to celebrate Neumann’s long-time service to the community, including the state of Maryland’s Peter Franchot.

“She’s a volunteer and she means a lot to Gaithersburg and frankly to the state of Maryland,” said Peter Franchot, Comptroller of Maryland.

Gaithersburg HELP has provided food and medical assistance for thousands of residents in need. Neumann says through all of the recognition, she hopes she can spread one message and that is to help.

“It’s been my honor and pleasure to be able to do that,” said Neumann.

The comptroller also gifted Neumann a medallion for her services.