GERMANTOWN, Md (WDVM)– It’s something you might not think about as a dog owner. You buckle up, but does your dog?

“A driver was speeding and lost control of his car and slammed into us. Piper was thrown into the back of my seat, broke her back and was paralyzed. I had to say goodbye to my girl that night, said Paweenudh Suanpan, founder of Piper’s Walk.

After losing her dog Piper in a car crash, Paweenudh Suanpan founded Piper’s Walk and made it her mission to spread awareness and educate dog owners about the importance of canine safety in vehicles.

“A seat belt saved my life, I’m alive because I was wearing a seatbelt and my dog, my best friend, did not have anything to protect her at all,” said Suanpan.

Dog mom, Kristen Peek, said she didn’t even think about harnesses or restraints for her dog until her cousin gifted it to her for Christmas one year.

“It’s great. He hops right in the car, he knows the routine and I know that I’m doing everything that I can to keep him safe,” said Peek.

Kara Reidy, a dog mom of three, says she knows about the restraints but has a difficult time with her dog Fancy because she’s not used to them.

“I think that the restraints are great but you would have to introduce them as puppies. I’ve got three dogs and I can’t imagine any of them, well maybe one of them, but I can’t imagine you’d have a whole lot of luck with dogs that are older,” said Reidy.

Piper’s Walk holds events to help dog owners like Reidy get their dog adjusted to wearing seatbelts. They also want to make dog owners aware that not all restraints are safe.

“I started researching seat belts for dogs and I came across the center for pet safety and they crash test different products on the market. And I found out that only four brands passed the tests and I was like pet parents need to know about these four brands because we want our dogs to be safe in the car just like we are,” said Paweenudh.

Piper’s Walk will be holding pop-up clinics at the end of this month to educate dog owners and to help them get dogs adjusted to wearing seatbelts. So far there are only four brands that pass the center for pet safety tests.

Not only is it good to have your dog restrained for their safety but for yours as well. Yout can email Piper’s Walk at to schedule an appointment today- 30 minutes may save your dog’s life!