If you happen to visit the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, you will see art from some of the county’s youngest residents.

An exhibit created by students at Bester Elementary School will be on display until next Sunday, Jan. 22.

The artwork is part of the community art project where students painted what “Choose Kind” means to them. 50 students from all grades were able to express their stories.

After the exhibit is over, the artwork will be on display in businesses throughout the Bester community.

“Looking at all their different art and reading their interpretations made me realize that there were significant points in their life where kindness happened. It made such a significant impact for them that they painted it. I felt a lot of pride in how much the students absorbed the kindness,” said Kerry Fair, Program Director at the Bester Community of Hope.

The project was supported by the Neighborhoods First and Bester Community of Hope of San Mar.