Which funny shower curtain is best? 

Shower curtains are a bathroom necessity, but a shower curtain with a funny image or saying can help brighten your day. If you are looking for a cool item that everybody will talk about, the RosieLily Dinosaur Shower Curtain is the top choice. But there are funny shower curtains for every style and taste, from cute and fun to hilariously offensive. 

What to know before you buy a funny shower curtain 


To fit correctly, a shower curtain should extend to the floor of the tub. A shower curtain for a standard 60-inch bathtub will measure between 70 to 72 inches wide and 70 to 72 inches long. An extra-long or extra-wide shower curtain will measure between 84 to 96 inches long and 86 to 108 inches wide.


Shower curtain liners are usually constructed from plastic or polyester to be durable and water-repellent. A liner is the first line of defense against leakage and should hang inside the tub basin while showering, with the curtain hanging outside. Liners with weighted hems and magnets are especially useful. Mildew-resistant liners are also a great choice. 


Some shower curtains are sold with pre-attached hooks. If hooks are not included, there are a variety of hooks on the market that should universally fit both the shower curtain and liner. Hooks are constructed from plastics or metals and may offer decorative attachments. 


A number of funny shower curtains are appropriate for kids’ bathrooms. Silliness is good for kids. Having a sense of humor is known to reduce stress, ease social interactions and enable children to defuse conflict. A funny shower curtain will not only brighten a child’s day but also foster their creativity and sense of humor. 


Decorating a dorm or apartment gives college kids the freedom to express themselves in their own space. A funny shower curtain can make a dorm feel more like home. As roommates are getting to know each other at the beginning of a new year, adding a humorous bathroom accessory can break the ice and get everyone talking. 

What to look for in a quality funny shower curtain 

Custom design 

A number of retailers offer custom design services, including the use of personal pictures and messages. A shower curtain customized with an inside joke is a great gift option. 


A funny shower curtain made of polyester or microfiber will be particularly durable and long-lasting because it can be easily cleaned in a washing machine. Vinyl or plastic curtains are washable, but they do not hold up to cleaning as well as a fabric curtain. Often users prefer to dispose of plastic shower curtains rather than hand washing them to remove mold and mildew buildup. 


Humor is highly subjective; what one person finds offensive, another may find hilariously inappropriate. Keep in mind that context will play a big role in whether your shower curtain is perceived as funny. 

Independent artists 

For a unique conversation piece, consider purchasing a funny shower curtain from an independent artist. Etsy is one of the best sources for quality handmade shower curtains that are both funny and one of a kind. 

How much you can expect to spend on funny shower curtain 

The price for a funny shower curtain ranges from $25-$75 depending upon the materials used and artistic design. 

Funny shower curtain FAQ

Can I buy funny bathroom decor to match my shower curtain? 

A. A funny shower curtain can be complemented by funny signs, rugs, towels and wall art. 

Are there times when a funny shower curtain is not funny?

A. Yes, humor varies depending upon the audience. A funny shower curtain may be hilarious in an adult’s bathroom but may be inappropriate for children. 


  • Know your audience; what is funny in one circumstance may be inappropriate in another. This is why it is important to consider who will be using the bathroom if you are concerned about being offensive. 
  • Invest in a high-quality funny shower curtain with a high price point only if the humor is timeless.  
  • Consider a disposable funny shower curtain if the humor is tied to a trend or current political event that will become irrelevant as time passes.  

What’s the best funny shower curtain to buy?

Top funny shower curtain

Image of a shower curtain depicting a dinosaur


RosieLily Dinosaur Shower Curtain 

What you need to know: A fun conversation piece that makes everyone laugh and is appropriate for children’s and family bathrooms. 

What you’ll love: Waterproof with a reinforced header that prevents tearing and ensures this curtain will be functional long-term. 

What you should consider:  Heavier than other curtains, so strong hooks are needed for proper hanging. 

Where to buy: Amazon 

Top funny shower curtain for the money

Image of a shower curtain depicting a monkey with a hair dryer

Finley Single Shower Curtain 

What you need to know: Its oversized design features a monkey in a towel blow drying its hair, an image that’ll make everyone in the family smile. 

What you’ll love: Easy to care for and machine washable, with a design that holds up well to repeated washings. 

What you should consider: Less water-resistant than other curtains, an additional plastic liner is needed. 

Where to buy: Wayfair 

Worth checking out

Image of a shower curtain with a definition for hot shower on it.

Hot Shower Me In It Bath Liner 

What you need to know: Stylish and funny statement curtain best suited for adult bathrooms. 

What you’ll love: Comes in a variety of sizes and two styles. 

What you should consider: Long shipping time, and design content may be considered offensive. 

Where to buy: Etsy

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