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Which Kodak PixPro cameras are best?

Kodak’s PixPro line offers a range of economy-level digital cameras, but even knowing the differences between its various PixPro models can be a little bit daunting. No matter which model you end up with, considering what you need in a digital camera will be crucial, whether you prefer a large LCD screen, a powerful optical zoom or something else entirely.

For those that still aren’t sure, the Kodak PixPro Astro Zoom Digital Camera is an excellent place for anyone to start, offering a balance of useful photography and videography features at an affordable price.

What to know before you buy a Kodak PixPro

What you need a digital camera for

The best digital cameras largely depend on how much use the user gets out of them, so it may be important to consider how, exactly, you plan to use your Kodak PixPro. For example, those just starting out and not needing a professional-level camera will likely be able to get the picture quality they need out of the PixPro line’s sensors. Still, those wanting to use their cameras commercially might consider upgrading to a full SLR camera.

Compact digital camera vs. full-frame digital camera

Kodak’s PixPro cameras feature two different frame formats for its compact digital cameras. While most PixPros simply use the compact form factor for their framing, offering a narrower depth of field when shooting, the higher-end models use an SLR-style compact form factor that uses a slightly larger depth of field.

Non-detachable lens

Unlike many higher-end SLR and DSLR cameras, Kodak’s PixPro line does not feature detachable lenses. Still, most at the amateur level can still make these cameras work for their needs, despite not upgrading or trying out different lenses.

What to look for in a quality Kodak PixPro

Sensor and resolution

Digital camera qualities can be qualified by their sensors and resolutions. In other words, the better a camera’s sensor and resolution are, the better the pictures they take will turn out. While most of Kodak’s PixPro lineup offers a 16-megapixel resolution, the lower-end cameras use a compact sensor, while the lineup’s higher-end models include an SLR-style compact sensor.

Optical zoom

Many buyers also purchase their Kodak PixPro models with optical zoom in mind since this is a significant feature that varies from model to model. Optical zoom allows the user to magnify the image, gradually decreasing the overall view in the picture to focus instead on the intended image. Optical zooms generally range between 5x-50x, with those at the latter end of the spectrum can zoom much further in than those at the former end.


Ultimately, part of the benefit of buying a low-end camera is that they’re often smaller and more portable, especially if you go with a compact model. While compact models offer super-slim, pocket-sized bodies, some of Kodak’s PixPro models also provide a slightly bulkier body with a grip that matches the shape of small SLR cameras, making them a little bit less portable.

How much you can expect to spend on a Kodak PixPro

Kodak’s cameras, in general, have a fairly wide price range, though the company’s PixPro line features a smaller array of mostly-economy level prices. In most cases, you can find cheap Kodak PixPro cameras for $69 on their own or $124 in a bundle, while more the line’s higher-quality PixPro cameras will cost $131-$200 on their own, or as much as $220 in a bundle.

Kodak PixPro FAQ

Which memory card do Kodak PixPro cameras take?

A. Most Kodak PixPro cameras simply take a standard SD memory card for saving photos. Usually, these memory cards can be found with 16 or 32 GB, though the camera will still work with SD cards that offer more or less storage.

Are Kodak PixPro cameras DSLRs?

A. While Kodak PixPro cameras are not DSLRs, some of the higher-end models in the lineup offer a compact SLR-like frame format and 16 megapixels, which is somewhat similar to shooting on higher-tier SLR and DSLR cameras.

What are the best Kodak PixPros to buy?

Top Kodak PixPro

Kodak PixPro Astro Zoom AZ421-BK 16-Megapixel Digital Camera with 42x Optical Zoom

Kodak PixPro Astro Zoom AZ421-BK 16-Megapixel Digital Camera with 42x Optical Zoom

What you need to know: This powerful camera features a 16.1-megapixel CCD sensor, as well as an impressive 42x optical zoom, making it a perfect first digital camera or portable hobbyist camera.

What you’ll love: This SLR-like compact digital camera features image stabilization and a wide variety of shooting modes and settings, as well as one of the more powerful optical zooms out there at this price point. Users can also purchase this model in a bundle with a compact case or an SD card.

What you should consider: This model was a little more money than some buyers were willing to spend.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Kodak PixPro for the money

Kodak PixPro Friendly Zoom FZ43-BK 16-Megapixel Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom

Kodak PixPro Friendly Zoom FZ43-BK 16-Megapixel Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom

What you need to know: Those that need an affordable digital camera that’s slim and super portable will appreciate the Friendly Zoom PixPro models, featuring a 16-megapixel sensor and 4x optical zoom.

What you’ll love: Buyers can’t argue with a digital camera at this price point, and this particular model is so thin you can take it just about anywhere as a compact digital camera. It also features image stabilization and a wide-angle lens, and you can also purchase it in black or red.

What you should consider: This camera’s battery life isn’t its strong suit, with many reporting they needed to replace its two AA batteries often.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Kodak PixPro Astro Zoom AZ252-RD 16-Megapixel Digital Camera with 25x Optical Zoom

Kodak PixPro Astro Zoom AZ252-RD 16-Megapixel Digital Camera with 25x Optical Zoom

What you need to know: This budget model from Kodak’s PixPro Astro Zoom line features a super comfortable digital camera-style grip, and it includes an impressive 25x optical zoom.

What you’ll love: Along with offering a more fair price tag than some of Kodak’s PixPro Astro Zoom cameras, this unit offers an SLR-style compact form factor and a 16-megapixel sensor, as well as 720p video recording. In addition, buyers can purchase this model in red or white.

What you should consider: Some buyers didn’t like this unit’s auto-focus feature, saying it didn’t quite work as intended.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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