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Which toy pokeballs are best?

The pokeball is an iconic item within the “Pokémon” world. Not only is it used to capture Pokémon, but it’s also used to house them, as well. That’s why pokeball is universally recognized as a symbol for the “Pokémon” universe as a whole. And now, toymakers are producing pokeballs that you can have in your own home. The best toy pokeball is the Pokemon Official Pikachu Clip and Go, which comes with a Pikachu action figure and pokeball. 

What to know before you buy a toy pokeball 

The function of the pokeball

The pokeball is a fictional device used to capture and store Pokémon. It has a spherical shape and can be colored in different palettes depending on the type of ball, but usually has a black line in the middle and a button on the front. The pokeball opens in half and wild Pokémon are “beamed” inside. The button flashes until the Pokémon is confirmed to be captured.

Different kinds of pokeballs in the series

Pokeballs come in different styles and types in the “Pokémon” TV series and video games. The standard pokeball has a red top half and a white bottom half and has a catch multiplier of one. Other balls have different catch multipliers and purposes. For example, an Ultra Ball has twice the catch rate of a standard pokeball, while the Master Ball has a 100% success rate in catching Pokémon. The Dive Ball is ideal for catching Pokémon underwater.

Different materials for toy pokeballs

Toy pokeballs typically come in three different materials: plush, plastic and die-cast. Plush is a soft material with a cotton-like interior and a fabric exterior, which makes it great as a pillow. Plastic pokeballs are most common, as they are both easy to produce and sufficiently durable. Die-cast pokeballs are made of molten metal, giving them a high sheen and rigidity, at a premium price. 

Decorative vs. functional

Pokeballs can be used for two different purposes: playing or displaying. For toy pokeballs designed for play, you’ll want a pokeball that actually opens up, can house Pokémon figurines, or can be clipped onto a waistband. For decorative pokeballs, you’ll want to find something with great detail, shape, and materials. 

What to look for in a quality toy pokeball

Shape and color accuracy

Pokeballs are sphere-shaped, and tend to feature specific palettes for certain balls. For example, the standard is red on the top and white on the bottom. The Great Ball is light blue with scarlet accents. The Ultra Ball is black with yellow accents. The Master Ball is lavender with pink circles and an “M” on the front. Make sure the pokeball you’re getting actually resembles the shape and colors of the video game/TV series counterpart.


If you or the recipient is planning on playing with the pokeball, you may want it to have certain features. For one, you may want it to open up when the front button is pressed. Or you may wish for it to hold Pokémon in place. Perhaps you just want to hear lights and sounds. Either way, having the Pokémon do something gives it another layer of realism.


Whether you’re getting a plush pokeball for your couch, a die-cast pokeball for your display cabinet, or a plastic pokeball for playing with your kids, you want it to last a certain amount of time. Make sure the manufacturer of the toy pokeball uses quality materials and can stand the usual wear and tear. Otherwise, your pokeball toy will not last very long.

How much you can expect to spend on a toy pokeball

Toy pokeballs can start at around $13 for cheap, standard plastic pokeballs. They can reach up to $110 for the electronic die-cast versions. 

Toy pokeball FAQ

Can a pokeball open/hold Pokémon figurines inside?

A. Not all toy pokeballs open up as some are plush or die-cast made for decoration or comfort only. However, there are some toys, such as the Official Pikachu Clip and Go, that open up and can house certain figurines.

How many different pokeball types are there?

A. There are currently 27 different pokeball types, ranging from the standard pokeball to special ones for the nighttime. 

What are the best toy pokeballs to buy?

Top toy pokeball

Pokemon Official Pikachu Clip and Go

Pokemon Official Pikachu Clip and Go

What you need to know: If you can only afford one toy pokeball, let it be this one, as it comes with a great replica pokeball and a Pikachu figurine.

What you’ll love: Live out the Pokémon trainer fantasy and store your Pikachu in a pokeball that can clip to your belt!

What you should consider: Customers complain that the plastic is not durable and the pokeball itself does not remain shut.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toy pokeball for the money

Pokemon Electronic Die-Cast Pokeball Replica

Pokemon Electronic Die-Cast Pokeball Replica 

What you need to know: If money isn’t an issue and you want the best consumer pokeball available, get this replica.

What you’ll love: This is a metal pokeball with a premium feel, and it even has a glowing button.

What you should consider: Unfortunately you can only see the exterior, as you cannot open the pokeball in any way.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Pokeball Mini Poke Ball Collection 4pc Complete Plush Set

Pokeball Mini Poke Ball Collection 4pc Complete Plush Set

What you need to know: Who needs pillows when you have four plush pokeballs that you can cuddle with?

What you’ll love: This set features the four most common pokeballs: the standard pokeball, the Great Ball, the Ultra Ball, and the Master Ball.

What you should consider: People complain that the photos do not resemble the actual product, which is much smaller and has a keychain attached.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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