(DC News Now) — Nintendo has finally fixed two of the most important (and controversial) motor vehicles in Mario Kart history. In a tweet published by Nintendo of America on August, 4, the company said the following: “there’s been an update to Coconut Mall…”

The tweet was accompanied by video of the newly repaired cars, not only have they been brought back to life, they can be seen performing donuts in the Coconut Mall parking lot.

This much-requested change comes after months of complaints from fans of the series. When the map was introduced to Mario Kart 8 the cars were stationary; However in the original rendition of the map featured in Mario Kart Wii, the cars would cross the section of parking lot, cutting off players and frequently resuting in crashes.

“THEY LISTENED TO US” replied one Twitter user, fans eccstatic that Nintendo would respond to fan feedback and bring back the iconic course obstacle.

Not every respondent was happy with the change, some users noted that they found the cars to be too much of an obstacle in Mario Kart Wii and had become fond of their newly stationary state.