INDIANAPOLIS, In. (WDVM) – Following a win over #7 seed UConn, the #10 seed Maryland Terrapins must now prepare for the #2 seed Alabama Crimson Tide.

Alabama are coming off a win over #15 Iona, who almost joined the list of upsets in this year’s tournament, as the Crimson Tide rallied behind a strong second half to win their game 68-55.

But in Alabama, Maryland find an interesting challenge, that might make this game equally frustrating, and exciting for the Terps.

“With us being in the big ten, this is finally the first time we are facing a team that is comparable to us. They play small ball, we got a lot of similar sized guys.” said senior guard Darryl Morsell.

Morsell also elaborated, that the team is trying to move on from their last win; and despite the dramatic nature of that victory, they know it’s time to prepare for a tougher opponent. An opponent, that his teammate, fellow senior Galin Smith, knows very well.

“I mean that was the first thing we’ve seen, when we saw the brackets came out.” said Darryl, “Us, we get past that first round, we should be playing Alabama. So I think he called some of his guys, like ‘Yeah, what’s up?’, it’s like – we’re gonna be there. He told them, just make sure they’re there. Cause as you see in the tournament, anybody could win. We were confident we would get this done, but it’s all love there.”

Aaron Wiggins walked out of their win over UConn, scoring 14 points for his team. When asked about his growth, from a similar moment from his freshman year; he emphasized that the stark difference comes from having three seasons of college basketball under his belt, saying “

“I think, they kind of play a little bit of small ball, pick and pop type basketball, and that’s what we’ve exceled at over the last second half of the season.”, said Aaron Wiggins, when asked about the matchup that Alabama present.

In his press conference on Sunday, Head Coach Mark Turgeon expressed joy in the team’s win over UConn, saying it felt even better, considering everything the team has had to overcome; part of the reason why he was as expressive as he was, after the win.

“To me they are the fifth number one seed.” said Head Coach Mark Turgeon, when asked about Alabama, and the challenge they present. “They can win a national championship, they have the talent. They’ve proven themselves all year, they are terrific team. We’re gonna be challenged but hopefully we’ll be locked into personnel, and how we have to guard, and hopefully we choose right.”

Maryland will tip-off against the Crimson Tide, on Monday at 8:45 PM EST.