SAN ANTONIO, Tx. (WDVM) – The #2 Maryland Terrapins would struggle to fight back against the #6 Texas Longhorns’ defensive efforts, losing in the Sweet Sixteen, and exiting the NCAA Tournament, after losing 64-61.

Early on, it looked like Maryland would build a large lead, typical of them in this tournament; as they’ve won their last two games by more than 30-point margins. The Terrapins opened up this game with a 9-0 lead; building off their run & game play style, putting up most of their points in transition.

Texas would be forced to call a timeout; but coming out of it, the Longhorns started slowly chipping away in this game. Charli Collier, and Celeste Taylor both racked up double-doubles, making up for 22 of the team’s 36 rebounds.

With a little over 2 minutes left in the game, Maryland and Texas were tied at 57. The Terrapins were able to force a turnover with their tough defense, forcing a switch in possession. Mimi Collins would try a shot from the corner, but despite the miss, Maryland’s Chloe Bibby was able to get the put back to carve a two-point lead.

With 44 seconds left on the clock, Texas were able to take a two-point lead off a Maryland turnover. Off the ensuing inbound, Maryland with a chance off the inbound, but Texas would lock up the rebound, and with a chance to shoot two. Kyra Lambert would make the first, and in a confusing sequence, Katie Benzan would find a chance to tie the game up with a three ball with 15 seconds left; but she would miss.

Joanne Allen-Taylor would make one of her two free throws late, to give Texas a 4 point lead with 14 seconds on the clock. Off the inbound, Owusu would have the ball, and a chance to make the basket off her drive, but her miss would give Texas a shot on the line.

Despite only converting one free throw, with less than 10 seconds on the clock; Maryland would only make a short basket, before Texas would shock the Terrapins, beating them 64-61.