COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WDVM) – With the conclusion of the Tuesday afternoon’s press conference for Head Coach Mike Locksley, and the Maryland football program; it opened up a period of several practices leading up to the Pinstripe Bowl on December 29th, that will allow the Terps to showcase the “next step” they’ve taken.

“Bowl prep has started in terms of us developing our roster.” said Locksley, “Kind of like I told our team, these first practices for us will be more developmental practice than they are for Virginia Tech.”

Locksley explained that their first five or six practices will emulate the start of training camp in the fall, and will have a greater focus on helping them prepare to their standard, with the 2022 season in mind.

“I think it’s doing us well, because the young guys haven’t really played.” said sophomore wide receiver Rakim Jarrett. “They were on scout team all year, and just heating the car. So I think just developing them well, I think they’ll be ready to get going.”

The team’s last practice in College Park will be on the morning of Christmas Day, and they will be able to practice on the campus of Fordham University before their “Friday-like” practice the day before the game.

“As a kid you grow up here watching the Orioles, and understanding what that rivalry is like, and to be able to play a game in such an iconic venue is one of those experiences our players are looking forward to, and something that I think they’ll always remember.” Locksley said about playing at Yankee Stadium in the Pinstripe Bowl.

Locksley elaborated on preparing for Virginia Tech, saying that because there is so much time between their last game, and their next on December 29th, he says he’s tried to break these practices up for his players.

“At the end of the day, if you can’t do the basics, you can’t really do the complicated either.” said grad student defensive lineman Sam Okuayinonu. “Working on our stance, our alignment, our keys. What you’re supposed to be doing on a certain play. We have like our base defense in right now, so just having everybody really know our base defense, and the proper technique on how to execute it, and why you’re doing that job, that’s really the fundamentals we’re working on right now.”