VIENNA, Va (DC News Now) — Madison High School alum Sam Gjormand is believed to have made history as the first female coach in Division 1 baseball.

Gjormand was hired by the College of Charleston baseball team to be their Director of Baseball Operations. More specifically, Sam will be out on the road all summer looking for new recruits to join the team in the near future.

“I didn’t really think twice about it,” said Gjormand. “It’s a good opportunity and I’m just doing my job. They needed somebody to go, so here we are.”

Sam has been around baseball her entire life. Her father, legendary Madison baseball coach Mark Gjormand, took Sam to her first Warhawk baseball game when she was two-years-old. Since then, Sam has been in love with the sport.

“He’s just really excited for me,” said Sam about her father’s reaction to getting the job. “I think he’s had big plans for me all along. Growing up, running his programs, his organizations, and meeting a lot of the contacts that I have made in this game through him. Just so many supporters and so many people who are excited to see wherever this road takes me.”

Sam played baseball (not softball) through little league up until high school. For her first two years of high school, she tried softball, but it wasn’t the sport for her. The sport she really wanted to be apart of was baseball.

Her last two years at Madison she helped her father out with the Warhawk baseball team. When making a decision to go to college, her decision was simple: James Madison University. The big reason being because the baseball coach said she could be the manager for the team.

After four years of being apart of the JMU baseball team, Sam then moved to South Carolina, eventually landing the job she has now at 23-years-old.

For a while, females could never crack into coaching a male dominated sport. However, it went from being a dream to a norm, and Sam is just another trailblazer for women in sports.

“It means a lot, not just me, but for anybody. To get that opportunity to represent a program. I’m just trying to enjoy it and just keep working hard to get better to help myself as a professional moving forward.”