WASHINGTON, D.C. (WDVM) – On Tuesday, Wizards’ All-Star Bradley Beal spoke with the media on the first day of Wizards Training Camp, and addressed his comments on Wizards’ Media Day, in regards to not being vaccinated.

“What I stated yesterday [Monday], I believed what I said. It’s my opinion.” said Bradley Beal, “The “Why” is personal, but also along those lines, I also said that I’m still considering getting the vaccines. So one thing I want to get clear, is I’m not sitting up here advocating, or campaigning that you should not get that vaccine. I’m not doing that.”

“I’m not sitting up here saying vaccines are bad, I’m not sitting up here saying that this vaccine is bad, I’m not sitting up here any saying you shouldn’t get it.” Beal continued. “It is a personal decision between every individual, that’s it. And I have that personal right to keep it to myself, and keep it between my family. And I would like everybody to respect that.”

After those comments, Beal revealed that he could not get the vaccine before, saying he was told to wait for 60 days after contracting the virus before being vaccinated. Beal contracted COVID-19 in July, just before the Tokyo Olympics at Team USA’s Men’s Basketball Training Camp.

“Trust and believe, we have some of the best team docs here in D.C., that constantly educate me, and continue to give me the answers to questions that I constantly have.” Beal explained, “I’m going to continue to ask those questions, and when I feel confident and ready with the results, and answers I get, I’ll handle them accordingly.”

“I know for sure our organization does not pressure me. We have conversations about it all the time, and talk about it everyday.” Beal continued.

Beal would reiterate that he does not feel any pressure coming from the Wizards’ organization to get vaccinated, and has not ruled out the possibility of getting vaccinated either.

Beal, and the Wizards will open their preseason against the Houston Rockets on October 8th.