(WDVM) – Chris Davis is about to enter his 6th year of his seven-year $161 million contract this spring.

A veteran on a young, and growing younger Orioles team, the first baseman has had a “few tough years,” acknowledged Baltimore’s manager, Brandon Hyde this week.

“He’s still a part of the club,” said Hyde. But regardless of his veteran status, he is going to have to work for his at-bats with a lot of young and hungry talent coming up.

“I’m going to give him the opportunity. I’m going to give him a ton of at-bats in spring training and try to get him right.”

The Orioles thought maybe that Davis had gotten right by how he looked at spring training 1.0 last season. He looked good at the plate and was displaying the type of leadership you would expect from a player in Davis’ position.

But then COVID hit, which was followed by months of waiting around and not knowing if or when the season would start back up.

Davis just didn’t look the same in spring training 2.0. Then a leg injury kept him out of already shortened season, ending Birdland’s hope of seeing a Chris Davis comeback in 2020.

This season, “he’s going to have to come in like everybody else and try to get playing time and try to get as many at-bats as possible,” said Hyde.

The focus of the Orioles organization right now is acquiring young talent, and they have already added a handful this off-season. Though the focus has been on pitching in these acquisitions, they have guys in the farm right now that play Davis’ position and are ready for their shot.

“We have younger players that are getting here also, other guys that play his position,” explained Hyde. “He’s going to have to perform to get at-bats in the season.”