Academy Award-winning performances will no longer be tolerated by Division I men’s basketball officiating crews.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a rule change on Thursday that will allow men’s college basketball referees to hand out technical fouls to players who fake being fouled beginning with the 2022-23 season.

In other words, floppers beware.

According to a release on, if a player is called for flopping, the opposing team will shoot one free throw.

Flopping, as defined by Committee members, is an “unsporting act that occurs when a player attempts to influence an official’s judgment by creating an appearance that a foul has been committed when there has been incidental or no contact.”

In previous years, officials would issue a warning for the first flopping offense. After that, a technical foul would be called.

According to the release, the Division I Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee and the Division I Men’s Basketball Competition Committee supported the concept of allowing officials to call technical fouls without warning when they determine a player has faked being fouled.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel also approved two other rule changes for this upcoming season.

One is that conferences can begin experimenting with a fifth media timeout during the second half. The thought process behind this, as stated in the release, is that it’s believed this will help the flow of the game.

Teams will also be able to view live video, or pre-loaded video, on their benches during games with the use of certain technology.

However, in order for teams to do so, their conference must submit a waiver request, and must specify what technology can be used.

NCAA women’s basketball teams can also experiment with this technology during conference games, according to the release. That, of course, would only apply to teams in conferences that submit the appropriate documentation.