MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Bob Huggins took the podium on Saturday frustrated with his team’s loss to No. 3 Kansas.

The Mountaineers missed a massive opportunity on Saturday when they hosted their first Big 12 game at the WVU Coliseum. The sold-out crowd left the arena unhappy as the Mountaineers failed to pull off a massive upset — something that has happened plenty of times in the past.

Here’s what Huggins had to say after the loss:

On West Virginia’s shooting woes…

WVU logged its second straight game with a field goal percentage below 40. The Mountaineers lacked all over the floor, but they missed a startling 15 shots out of 28 attempts from the paint.

“We seemingly miss more 2-footers than any team in American history,” Huggins said. “They won’t make shots. We had shots. It wasn’t like we didn’t have shots.”

This, of course, has been a common theme in the head coach’s press conferences during this losing stretch.

“As much as we’ve talked about it and as much as we’ve drilled about it, we still don’t look at the rim,” Huggins added. “It’s hard to get it in if you can never get it over the rim, it has to go over the rim before it can go in.”

On WVU’s mistakes late in the game…

Despite the wide margin, WVU was competitive with the Jayhawks for most of the contest.

Things got out of hand for the Mountaineers in the second half as KU found a rhythm. WVU couldn’t keep up, and within 13 minutes of halftime, the Jayhawk lead went from seven points to 20.

“Well, when you’re playing the number [three] ranked team in the country, everything is important. Every pass that you throw, that you make your guys turn your hands over, hurts you. Every time you dribbled off your foot, every time you miss a wide-open cutter, it hurts. We didn’t make shots. Their best player, their All-American, made shots. Our guys didn’t.”

On fixing WVU’s issues…

Many of West Virginia’s problems from its first two Big 12 losses seemed to resurface against Kansas.

“You know, when you’re flunking a class, you study more, or you continue to flunk the class,” Huggins said. “If you continually don’t make a shot, if you aren’t consistent at the free throw line, if you consistently don’t make shots from where you know you’re going to get shots from you’re probably gonna flunk the class.”

Huggins added that he hopes his team’s mentality turns around before Baylor visits WVU on Wednesday.

“I don’t know why it doesn’t bother them when they miss shots, and they don’t respond with coming back,” Huggins said. “I mean, you’re not over-exerting yourself to shoot free throws, especially when you’ve got managers in there rebounding for you. I thought we had solved that problem. Obviously, I was wrong again.”