GAITHERSBURG, Md. (WDVM) – Heading into the Fall 2021 high school football season, this will be Seneca Valley’s third year under Head Coach Justin Sickeri. It will be only his second full season as Head Coach.

“Year 1 we had 27 total guys, so when I took over it’s typical you have some guys exit the program. It takes a little time to kind of build the numbers.” said Head Coach Justin Sickeri.

“With COVID, it was very difficult to just reach out to kids. Fortunately towards the end of last spring, we had kids in the building so I was able to recruit the halls, and pull kids that way.”

A large part of Coach Sickeri’s recruiting process, was to draw from the program’s rich history.

It’s Seneca Valley. The history, the tradition is so rich, it didn’t take much to start to rebuild it.” said Sickeri, “Because there’s so many people in the community, so many alumni that want to see this program be great, it was just a matter of time.”

Equipped with a younger team, and focused on preparing for a full season ahead with a revamped roster; the challenge will come with managing the excitement behind the season, and the development process.”

“We’re definitely an aggressive team, we always travel for the ball. Hit somebody. Always trying to do something to make an impact, all the people have fun out there in the stands.” said senior Keneth Cruz

“Well so its a fine line. We do have to patient with them but most of these guys have played football since they were young.” said Sickeri. “They understand what it takes to be good. Most of them played in the DMV, in South Germantown, Maplewood – some of the better youth football programs. And they get coached. So they understand what it is like to be coached, they want to be coached.”

The Eagles will host Clarksburg for their home opener at 6:30pm this Friday, September 3rd.