FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) – The Thomas Johnson Patriots are in the middle of exciting change surrounding the program.

A new turf field is currently being constructed; that should be operational by mid-October, according to Head Coach Bobby Humphries, of the football team.

The Patriots’ football program is working on preparing for a full season, looking to build off the momentum from a short season last year, where they picked up their first win in over three seasons.

“Yeah it was – it was something that had been a long time coming.: said junior Ben Pearch, “Especially for Coach Humphries who had been here for four-five years and trying- putting everything into it. Trying to give us a win, and being able to get one for him meant a lot to us.”

The team itself is made up of a lot of young players, who do not have a lot of experience on the field. Despite these challenges, there is a lot of confidence within the program.

“I think our biggest area of improvement is, we just have to get a lot of experience.” said senior quarterback Brandon Hylton. “Nobody on our team yet, has played a full varsity season yet, so this is gonna be a first for us. We’re really young, so getting that gameday experience is gonna be what is most important.”

“The biggest thing we’ve been saying this offseason is commitment.” said Head Coach Bobby Humphries. “And that is something that, as a young man being committed to whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, is important. So just the commitment to the team, to the program, and to themselves.”