WASHINGTON, D.C. (WDVM) – On Wednesday morning, Washington Football Head Coach Ron Rivera announced that second-year quarterback Dwayne Haskins will be the starting quarterback for the franchise. His first test will be on September 13th, at home against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Head Coach Rivera presented Haskins with a challenge when he was brought on as head coach, back in January; similar to his time at Carolina, that he shared with a younger Cam Newton.

He says, “I made a commitment 10 years ago to another young quarterback and told him “hey, you know what, i’m choosing you because i believe in you.”. That’s really how i feel about dwayne. He’s lived up to his part of our conversation in January. Because of that, i’m living up to mine. He deserves the opportunity. He’s going to get my support.”

The decision has been made, considering all the changes and drawbacks that the team has dealt with; between no preseason games, and the limited time spent as part of training camp before the season.

Rivera says, “This has been a little bit different training camp than I had anticipated. We got into a situation where we weren’t playing and preseasons games and it was going to be hard to do a really true competition in terms of the way I would’ve liked to see it unfold where you start one guy one week, you start another guy the next week. Without having that ability or that opportunity, I kind of made the decision to go ahead and go. We wanted to have Dwayne get as many reps with the ones going forward, and that’s what we did.”

No decision has been made about a backup quarterback, and Head Coach Ron Rivera said that they would decide on a backup on September 13th.