FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) – This Friday night, the Frederick Cadets will host the Walkersville Lions, as they enter the second, and tougher half of their season.

The Cadets beat the Catoctin Cougars last week in commanding fashion, winning 56-0 at home. But despite the shutout victory, the players are aware of mistakes they’ve made that could affect them in the future, unless they clean it up.

“We need to come out the gate stronger if we want to win.” said junior Travon Neal, “We can’t come out like we did against Catoctin and go three and out the first two drives or so. At the beginning of the game we weren’t ourselves. So that’s what I realized, we can’t come out weak if we want to beat this team.”

“We can work on coming out stronger out of the gate.” said junior Joshua Hayward, “We kind of slacked a little bit against Catoctin in that first quarter. We did pick it up but if we’re going to playing against some of these better teams, we’re gonna have to play much better out of the gate.”

Head Coach Kevin Perri says he understands playing Walkersville will always be a challenge, and he looks forward to seeing how his young team will stack up against one of the better teams in the county.

“We set ourselves apart in this county by athleticism.” said Head Coach Kevin Perri, when asked about the strengths his team can use against others, “We have speed, and ability that a lot of other teams can’t necessarily match us easily as they have in the past. I think physically we’re a bigger team than we’ve ever been, so I think we can actually handle some of those teams that we’ve battled in the past that we couldn’t always hang with.”