VIENNA, Va (WDVM) — Mark Gjormand, aka Coach Pudge, has been the Head Coach of Madison Baseball for 26 years. After last week, he now has the most wins of any baseball coach in Northern Virginia history. 

“There’s no one like him,” said senior outfielder Davis Snyder.  “He just stands out. He’s a great coach. He’s always there for you. He does everything for you and he’s a great leader.”

“He really enjoys the game and it just effects everyone throughout the lineup,” said senior catcher Colin Tuft. “Everyone is just super encouraged to play and he’s had it all. He’s seen worst teams, he’s played with the best teams. He’ll take you through the entire season. He knows how to prepare us. He’s just the best coach.”

430 plus wins on his resume, but that’s not the number that Coach Pudge keeps track of.

“138 losses, I can you that, because I lived every one of them,” said Coach Pudge. “I just enjoy coming to the yard every day. We are going to practice hard and I’m going to get after them still, but I just feel like, as much as ever, I don’t want to let them down.”

It might be the game of baseball, but to Coach Pudge, it’s more than that. And he tries to make it more than that, through his players. 

“He doesn’t build us as baseball players, he builds us as men,” said senior infielder Miguel Echazarreta. “We grow up through the system, JV, Varsity. Every coach in the system, especially Pudge, just grows you up to be a better man.”

Even after all these years coaching, he still finds ways to motivate himself, and his team. 

“He’s hungry,” said Snyder. “He comes out every day. He tells us he can’t sleep before games and that gets us so motivated to come out here and win and do it for him.”

“For me, it’s like, if I get tired of being that guy, then it will be time,” said Coach Pudge. “Right now though, I’m still hungry, there’s still more to accomplish, and I feel like I can help kids still and that’s what is important. That’s what this is about.”