HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) – This will only be the third time that Washington and Tampa Bay have met in the playoffs; the last time being 2005. The playoff series between the teams is split 1-1; with Washington winning the last time, back in 2005.

This is also Tampa Bay’s first playoff appearance since 2007; these parallels between franchises sets up for an exciting matchup on Saturday, at FedEx Field.

But there is one factor that separates the Buccaneers from Washington, and that’s quarterback Tom Brady. At 43 years old, Brady threw for 43 touchdowns; in a season many had hoped he would skip a few steps.

“Let’s be realistic about who we’re playing.” said Head Coach Ron Rivera on Monday. “The dude is having another phenomenal year again. He’s been hot. Maybe we’ll get lucky and catch him down. But right now, he’s playing really good football. We’ll see. I promise you though, we’re going to show up on Saturday night.”

WFLA’s Karen Loftus spoke with Allif Karim, and spoke on whether the Washington Football team; especially the Burgundy and Gold’s defense, can compete against Tom Brady.

Karen is a former sports director for WDVM (then WHAG), and grew up in the New Market, Maryland area. She spent five years with the station, before her next calling at WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia.

“Not only do they have an incredible front four – their pass rush is incredible and widely respected across the league – is that the Bucs have had trouble with teams with a really good pass rush.” said Karen Loftus, “Look at the bears and what they did to them in the Thursday night football game. The Saints and Cam Jordan – they’ve struggled against a good pass rush. Granted that was earlier in the season, and the Bucs offensive line has come a long way and they sort of know Brady’s tendencies, how the other pieces on the offensive line work together – so they’ve grown in that regard. But its definitely going to be a challenge, they know they’ll have to play fundamentally sound football, and hold their blocks.”

It’s hard not to reiterate that this level of production, and fear, surrounding Tom Brady; who is 43 years old. But as Karen Loftus explains, their really shouldn’t be much surprise, despite the age.

“I think just his track record, seeing how good he is – maybe there was a little bit of doubt, just a little bit of reality, when you hear the age 43.” said Karen, “But seeing, the way he prepares, talking to his teammates, and hearing what they have to say about his work ethic.”

Also, anecdotally speaking, it get’s a little worse for Washington fans.

“I actually got a chance to speak with his throwing coach.” said Karen Loftus, “And speaking with him, and seeing how he evaluates Tom Brady; and his execution, and his mechanics, and stuff that a throwing coach would look at. Not the wins and losses, not the interceptions, but how he is throwing the ball – says he is throwing the ball the best he ever has.”

For Karen’s full interview; check out the video below: