GAITHERSBURG, Md. (WDVM) – Even on a windy day, Quince Orchard football can rely on Sam Smith’s leg.

“For me, adrenaline really takes over,” Cougars senior kicker Smith said. “I try my best not to think about it I’m just thinking like, I’m gonna make this kick.”

In the 2021 fall season, Smith has made six key field goals for the 8-0 QO football team, including four of more than 40 yards.

“Every time he goes out there I’m confident,” Quince Orchard football kicking game coordinator Lou Forbrich said. “I feel like he’s gonna make every single kick.”

On October 15, in a win over Gaithersburg, Smith nailed a 48 yard field goal with room to spare, a Quince Orchard program record.

“It was crazy,” Smith said. “I mean, I yeah, there’s no words to explain that moment.”

Smith wasn’t a kicker until this past spring, he’d been playing soccer since he was little.

“All the work in the offseason just like just practicing my technique and that’s the biggest thing, just repetition,” Smith said. “And so I was able to like really get that down.”

Smith’s family had lived in Philadelphia, Sweden and Gaithersburg, before he returned to the area as a Junior in high school. Smith was born in Philadelphia and his love for soccer grew in Sweden.

But this year, his love for football has grown. Smith has worked very closely with Forbrich since joining the QO program for the COVID-shortened Spring 2021 season. Forbrich kicked for Seneca Valley high school in the 1990s and collegiately at Western Michigan University.

“It’s all Sam and everything he’s done in the offseason and put in the work and he’s extremely coachable,” Forbrich told WDVM. “So he’s receptive to any type of feedback. And I think that’s helped develop him and get him where he is right now.”

Despite recent success, Smith isn’t dreaming about kicking in the NFL just yet. In the final leg of the season, Smith is hoping to give the Cougars that extra kick to win it all.

“I haven’t thought that far ahead yet,” Smith said. “I’m just like focused on a state championship.”