BALTIMORE, Md. (WDVM) – With over five minutes left in the second half; the Queen Anne’s Lions would opt to hold play conservatively for the remainder of the game, holding onto possession, without giving a chance to the Middletown Knights offense to come back in the game.

“It was frustrating definitely, for us attackers, cause we’re helpless, we can’t do anything.” said Isabella Ewine, when talking about the final frame of the game.

“Especially watching them say ‘Good job’ to each other, already celebrating; and I’m just standing there.” said Alyssa Daley, “I tried to just give my all, knowing it was my last two seconds playing high school lacrosse, so I just gave it my all.”

The Lions would win 13-10, ending Middletown’s perfect run in the 2021 spring season.

“Everyone played a huge part in this team, and all 22 of us just laid it out on the field.” said Bailey Broadbent, when asked about the season overall, “I’m so proud of everyone, and how everyone came together, and I’m so glad that we made it here to the championship.”

The Knights’ struggles began early, when Queen Anne’s controlled the draws in the game, opening up chances for their offense to explode early in offense. Isabella Rulapaugh led the Lions with six goals.

Isabelle Ewine, and Bailey Broadbent would combine on offense to pull the Knights within one goal, still trailing 11-10; before Queen Anne’s selectively looked for their shots, killing time in the process.

Despite the outcome, it would not take away from the gratitude the team expressed; being able to have a season in the first place, and subsequently being able to compete for a state title.

“This is still the best team I’ll ever be a part of, and I love everyone so much, so I’m just glad we made it here.” said Alyssa Daley.

“It was really awesome, we went undefeated before the most important game, but we learned a lot.” said Isabella Ewine, “We learned to grow as a team together, we learned to never give up, and just keep fighting”

“Very thankful for being able to have the opportunity to coach these girls. What a great group of young ladies, work hard together, love each other, respect each other, challenge each other, everything that we try and do, and teach; that’s who they are. And that’s what that – this group is, and what a legacy they’ve left behind.”