FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) – Around 6:30pm on Tuesday, July 6th; Shannon Breen would be working with his clients through Hawg Performance, when he embraced an old friend of his.

That old friend, was LA Rams lineman, and former Linganore state champion, Rob Havenstein. Havenstein would spend the rest of his time with the Hawgs’ session giving his time, and knowledge to the young high school players, who dream of reaching the same heights that Rob has.

“I love the area, I love being around here.” said Rob, when asked how often he was able to get out of Frederick County. “Seeing family again, seeing friends; just seeing all the good stuff that is going on here. It’s really heartwarming.”

For the athletes involved with Hawg Performance, the chance to meet, and speak with Rob; goes beyond any experience they’ve had in recent memory.

“I went to his first NFL game.” said rising Linganore senior Brandon Eckloff, “I’ve loved watching his game all the time, it’s just – for him to come here, it’s amazing to see him.”

“”I was taking in everything.” said rising Catoctin senior Wyatt Davis, “I was taking in all the little details we never learned about before, the knowledge he learned at the next level from.”

Shannon Breen, Founder of Hawg Performance says him and Rob have been fortunate enough to stay in touch; and bounce ideas off each other, as he has taken Hawg Performance from a smaller scale, focusing only on Frederick County, to a much larger scale, introducing Montgomery County as well.

“Just a super great guy to be around, he’s just been super helpful, and helped me do with Hawg Performance, and to get that support from somebody of that level. It just means a lot.” said Shannon.

For Rob, seeing the crop of lineman currently in high school in Frederick, and Montgomery County, has impressed him greatly.

“It’s awesome. I love it, Frederick county is here, Montgomery county is here; I mean, you saw all different schools, working together just to be a good offensive lineman.” said Rob, “I think it’s gonna be huge for the area, cause there’s a lot of talent in this area. Just seeing a lot of guys here, just watching them move, there are some guys who are going to make some serious waves, and if they keep at it, keep working.”