WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Recently, 3-on-3 basketball became an Olympic sport. There was some pretty good 3-on-3 basketball action in DC Saturday afternoon, with a nice back drop at the Wharf in Southwest.

The Red Bull 3-on-3 series was held Saturday at the Wharf, giving men’s and women’s basketball players from all over the country a chance to try out for sports to represent USA basketball.

Former NBA star and Prince George’s County native Ty Lawson, who played at the end of his NBA career for the Wizards, also participated in the event, representing the DMV’s basketball talent.

“Back in the day, DC didn’t have this so to see this event just sprout up like this and you see how everybody is out here playing hard,” Lawson told DC News Now. “I mean it’s big for the city, we’re growing as a city and we gotta keep going. This is huge. This is a start.”

Mystics guard Natasha Cloud also attended the women’s games earlier in the afternoon.

Players competing enjoyed the atmosphere, as the waterfront and the national monument were in plain sight from the court.

“The international 3X tournaments are all outside, so for us to get a chance to do it here, to be next to the water, got the Washington Monument behind us, it’s very special,” International basketball player and Oklahoma grad David Godbold, who came all the way from Oklahoma to play in the event said. “Because it simulates that FIBA atmosphere and that’s what I love about it.”