WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — Hoyas center back Julia Leas is setting records over at Georgetown University. Thursday, she started in her 90th consecutive soccer match which is a school record and quite possibly a national record. The NCAA doesn’t keep of record of these stats, but they are checking and believe it could be a national record.

“If she came up here one day and she was missing a leg, and I said to her, you only have one leg. She would try and convince me she had two legs”, Leas’ head coach, Dave Nolan said.

If you are going to start in 90 consecutive games, this is the mindset you have to have. But you also have to absolutely love the game of soccer.

“It is fun”, Leas said. “It is intense, it is competitive. And it honestly means everything to me. Everything about the game has brought me my best friends. It’s been able to allow me to have an incredible education. So, soccer is, has touched every aspect of my life”.

But in order for Julia to accomplish such a feat, she has to have a combination of a great mental approach.

“I always tell kids there are two positions in soccer, on the field and off the field”, Nolan said. “And if you are not happy in one of them, I am very happy to try you in the other one. So, she’s kind of had that mentality coming in as a freshman. She just wants to be on the field. She just wants to help the team win”.

And you also have to have the talent to stay on the pitch, which Leas also has.

“She basically had to take the whole spring season and summer season because she did have to have a surgery that kept her out for about six months”, Coach Nolan said. “So even right now this year, she’s still not back to her best and she feels it. But her being very good is better than most people’s best”.

She is one of the best out there. Before the season, Julia was named to the Mac Hermann Trophy Watch List, which recognizes the national player of the year. And it’s something she’s worked hard for.

“I think back to my freshman year, making that start in my first appearance was totally unexpected”, Leas said. “I was thrown into center attacking mid. Just the growth that I’ve had throughout my five years here. All the things that I have learned. Some adversity that I have gone through along the way. It’s just all been worth it, and it’s just a cool journey to look back on”.

With her next start on Sunday versus DePaul, Leas will tie the school record for consecutive appearances in a soccer match at 91, originally set by Brandon Allen in 2015. Kickoff for the game is set for 1pm over at Shaw Field at Georgetown University.