FAIRFAX, Va. (DC News Now) — Kirk Peterson is now in his second season as head coach of Flint Hill football.  But the coach does more than what you see on a Friday night. 

“If you have the desire to play at the next level, and you really love football, I want to see to it that you have that opportunity,” said Peterson. “That’s for everyone. I don’t care the division, I don’t care the school, I don’t care where it falls on the map. If you want to get to college and play football, I want to help you.”

He’s been helping athletes make the next level for a long time, putting in the effort, only asking for the same in return.

“If he knows that you are a hard worker, if he knows that you are honest and are a good person, than he will be your biggest advocate,” said Henry Cafferata, assistant coach at Flint Hill.

“He just cares,” said Matt Felton, assistant coach at Flint Hill. “Not many people care that much. They are more selfish or they just don’t really care. They just care about what they are doing. I think that’s the biggest thing. He puts everybody in position for success.”

He’s always at practices, combines, 7-on-7 camps. He is always building relationships, and always looking out for what’s best for the athletes. 

“You grow up, you dream about going somewhere,” said Flint Hill senior linebacker Wil Thomas. “You’ve always been watching a team, in my case it’s Mercer. It’s good to know that that’s an actual goal and that it’s possible with his help.”

“Every single day he’s on the phone with division one coaches,” said Cafferata. “He’s on the phone with recruiters. He’s on the phone with whoever to help these young men get to where they want to be.”

The will to want to help kids fulfill their dreams. The true definition of a coach. 

“You look up coach in the dictionary, you get a picture of him,” said Flint Hill strength coach Jared Worley. “In terms of being a genuine leader, and again, care for kids, not only his own, but again, kids in the area he’s helping get recruited, fulfill their dreams, that’s huge.”

“If you want something, work hard for it,” said Peterson. “Do what needs to be done to get it, don’t accept any excuse or explanation. I’m going to help you to the best of my ability. Get to school, and with specifics, the school you want to get to. You meet the criteria there, I got to do my small part to get you there. That’s coaching.”