PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WDVM) – Following the Capitals practice in Philadelphia on Friday, in preparation for the team’s game against the Flyers on Saturday, Washington Capitals Captain, and Russian native, Alexander Ovechkin, answered questions regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Obviously it’s a hard situation. You know, I have lots of friends in Russia and Ukraine,” said Ovechkin. “It’s hard to see the war. I hope soon it’s gonna be over. It’s gonna be peace in the whole world.”

Ovechkin, who is from Moscow, Russia, has publicly supported the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in the past, and said this when asked if he supported the President’s decision to invade Ukraine: “I’m Russian, right. Sometimes, somethings I can’t control. You know, it’s not in my hands. I hope it’s gonna end soon and there’s gonna be peace in both countries.”

Pressed even further, Ovechkin was asked if he still supported the Russian President altogether.

“Well, he’s my president. Like I said I’m not in politics. I’m an athlete. Hope everything is gonna be done soon. It’s a hard situation right now for both sides. Hope everything is going to be end.”

Ovechkin said that he currently has family in Russia and has been monitoring the conflict.

“It’s hard. It’s a hard situation. I have family back in Russia. It’s scary moments but we can’t do anything. We just hope it’s going to be end soon and everything’s going to be alright.”

The 36-year-old reiterated that he doesn’t want to see war, not just in Russia and Ukraine, but anywhere in the world.

“I don’t want to see nobody get hurt, nobody get killed. I hope it’s going to be over and that we going to be able to live in a good world.”