COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WDVM) – Just two days after being drafted to the NBA by the Boston Celtics, Maryland senior Len Bias passed away at 22-years-old of a drug overdose. His death sent shockwaves through the world and his legacy still lives on today.

Bias’ parents, James and Lonise Bias, were recognized on the court during Maryland’s game against Virginia Tech on Wednesday, receiving an emotional standing ovation from a packed Xfinity Center. The Terps were honoring the late Len Bias, just weeks after he was inducted into the college basketball hall of fame.

“Seeing the sea of jerseys out there and the young people cheering and jumping up and down,” Lonise said. “And then when we were passing through the crowd, people touching us and thanking us and I understand that when we grieved as I said earlier for Len, there were so so many people that grieved and there are people that are still grieving over his death.”

4,000 students were given free Len Bias jerseys, and the players wore Len Bias warmups. The entire evening was an experience that Bias’ parents, 35 years after their sons death, will never forget.

“And we need to never forget that Len was a student at the University of Maryland, he didn’t just pop up and be here and gone,” James said. “He was a student, just like those kids out there jumping up and down and doing the same thing he did before he even came here to, to the school. So, that’s what impressed me. And I was looking at every one of them and I said, look at that. Look at them. He was just like that.”