CHANTILLY, Va (WDVM) — He’s committed to the University of Michigan, and is currently #62 on the ESPN 100. However, Dug McDaniel is more than that. 

“He’s a great leader,” said Paul VI sophomore guard Darren Harris. “He’s a dog. That’s what we look at the most, he’s a dog.” 

“Dug wants to win,” said Paul VI boy’s basketball head coach Glenn Farello. “The bottom line is is that the kid’s a winner, he wants to win. That’s the most important thing to him.”

He’s only 5’9, 150 pounds, but that doesn’t stop Dug from being one of the best players in the DMV. 

“He plays with a chip on his shoulder,” said Paul VI junior guard DeShawn Harris-Smith.  “He’s like one of the smallest guards in his class, but still one of the best guards in his class. I think everybody likes that about him. He’s small, but he plays like he is bigger than that.”

“He does play with some grit to him, and he understands how to set people up,” said Farello. “His intelligence, his basketball I.Q. is off the charts. Being able to play in pick and roll. He really understands angles and he’s probably the best passer we’ve ever had.”

Being a good player is one thing, but being a great player at a prestigious school like Paul VI, ups the pressure even more. But that’s what makes Dug special. The spotlight is never too big. 

“He thrives with that bullseye on him,” said Farello. “I think he enjoys it. He thrives under pressure, the expectations that he has, people coming at him because they want to measure themselves against him as a basketball player. So, it’s about respect, and he understands that.”

He’s a shooter, a passer, a defender, and a leader. Since day one, Dug has been trying to prove that size is just another number.

“Every time I step on the floor, I know I’m going to have a handful of doubters,” said McDaniel. “So, just proving them wrong every day just gets me excited. Just looking over, seeing their face down because they thought something that wasn’t, just makes me better and gets me hype every day.”