IJAMSVILLE, Md. (WDVM) – The Middletown Knights lock up the county title in Frederick County, Maryland; beating rivals Walkersville 20-13.

Gage Queen picked up the game winning touchdown for Middletown, keeping the ball, and fooling Walkersville’s defense to make that play happen.

Matthew Mancini, and Conner Meyer were the other two Knights’ players that scored for Middletown. Naseem Pacheco scored both touchdowns for Walkersville.

“Well we came out really really slow in the first quarter, and it showed.” said senior Gage Queen, “They went right down the field and scored on us that first drive. And it kind of woke us up, and we started playing and we started firing back, started scoring. We kept it even with them. They go into halftime, we knew we had them beat. They all walked over to their sideline huddle, head down, just walking. They didn’t want to be there. We came out didn’t do much on offense, and we stuck ’em on defense. And we just started firing and started winning this game.”

“I’m just so proud of each and every one of these young men, they handled themselves with immense amount of grace and tough, tough times.” said Head Coach Collin DeLauter. “So to me, its just – its like being a father and being proud of your kids you know. The tightknit group is awesome to be a part of.”