ARLINGTON, Va. (DC News Now) — Terrell Green, a 34-year-old northern Virginia native, had a vision of creating his own game.

About a year ago, that dream came to fruition, as Green created a game called Forehand Strike.

“I just felt motivated to create the game and all the utilities that it can be used for,” said Green.

Forehand strike is played on a hard surface, with a small foam ball and gloves that give you the option to add spin. The game is typically played with four total people (2 v. 2), and is the first to 17 points.

“I’ve taken from volleyball, tennis, handball, and pickleball,” said Green. “It’s a blend of a lot of things, but it’s a fun game.”

It’s a game that takes things from other games, but is unique in its own way. In just a year of being on the market, Forehand Strike is already receiving positive feedback.

“I thought it was a cool, fun activity to do when it’s a nice day outside,” said Jaray Witherell, a junior at Washington-Liberty High School. “I just like the movement in all the tricks and type of things you can do with it. I think you can really be creative with the game and I really like that.”

It started as a game within a small community, but Forehand Strike has recently been growing throughout parts of the country.

“It’s been in a couple of colleges,” said Green. “Baylor University, a couple of students from Stanford University have it. A couple of schools have purchased it. It’s only been a year, and they are teaching Forehand Strike in schools. I’ blown away by the response.”

For Green, the biggest goal was for this game to be used as a starter game for people to learn basic skills that can be translated to more competitive sports. As the game continues to grow, the possibilities are endless.

“We are trying to get it into school systems, have people learn the fundamentals, and then take it to new heights,” said Green. “Who knows how far it could go. I’ve gotten really good feedback from places like Scotland in the UK, Mexico, India. I’m not there yet, but that’s the goal. Making this so everybody can play it.”

Forehand Strike can be purchased on Amazon or on the official website: